I’d Rather Have Jesus

Last night, after 104 years of life, one of earth’s most beloved saints of old entered the pearly gates for his eternal life.   When a person gets to be that old, you begin to wonder if they are going to outlive all of us.  George Beverly Shea, or as I’ve always called him, “Uncle Bev”, served his Lord and Savior … Read More

In the Presence of Greatness

Today I was in the presence of greatness as I heard Donald Trump present an address to Liberty University. Since hearing that he would appear in convocation this year, I have been inexplicably eager to witness this event. Other than the fact that I’ve been inside his Fifth Avenue tower in New York City, I guess the main reason for … Read More

If It Weren’t for Billy Graham, I Wouldn’t Be Alive

I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for Billy Graham. You read that right. I really wouldn’t. Do you ever wonder who it was in your life that was the crux of it all that led to your existence? Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe YOU are the one that will be the prompt to someone else’s opening … Read More