Giving Yourself the Right Kind of Grace

This concept keeps showing up in my world: holiness. Often, the word “holy” is accompanied with other words to tease or chide, but it’s a serious, serious concept. Friends, we literally cannot ever stand before God in eternity or walk with Him here on earth in true fellowship without holiness. We cannot earn it, but it has become available to us at the most EXPENSIVE cost: Christ’s own life sacrificed and gracious extension of His abundant life to us. We can’t walk in our own holiness. That’s an oxymoron, in fact. We aren’t holy. No, we become holy in God’s eyes through the expensive price of grace that Jesus paid for us on Calvary and His resurrection from death. Don’t cheapen it. Don’t give yourself grace like it’s a get out of jail free pass. Receive His grace and let the weight of its cost drive you to repentance in joy.

I can’t stop meditating on what @jessaconnolly says in her book, “Dance, Stand, Run” about this: “We give ourselves grace about nitpicking at our husbands, not spending time with the Lord, misusing our finances, telling little white lies, having bad attitudes, and losing it on those around us in the midst of stressful days. We give ourselves grace, but somewhere along the way, we stopped letting that grace transform us as it is meant to. And I wondered: Has this caused us to lose sight of our holy standing with God?”

Whose grace are you walking in? If it isn’t a holy grace, my friend, it’s not the right grace. His grace sets us apart. His grace is expensive and lavish. His grace is no counterfeit and exposes the ones that are. His grace doesn’t humiliate but it sure does humble. Amazing…His grace.

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