The Difference Between Confession and Repentance

I heard a message this morning at church that gave me an a-ha moment. It gave words to what I’ve been understanding in my soul for a few years now about processing and living in true transformation through Christ.

There is a difference between confession and repentance.

You can say with your lips to the Lord all day long, “I’m sorry for this” or “help me with that.” But if you don’t surrender your will to His and your life to His you aren’t really truly walking in fellowship with Him and under the banner of His righteousness instead of your feeble attempt at right living.

It’s hard. It’s hard to surrender your own ways to someone else’s agenda. But hard does not equal bad in this case. No, the difficult process is like an athlete who hurts and struggles through the conditioning of their body to become the best, healthiest version of themselves.

Today, my friend, let that weigh on your heart like it did mine: confession is a start, but repentance is what separates your new, best self from your old, worst self…the one that offers proof of real, good, eternal change. You can’t do it by yourself. But you Jesus can do it for you. And He can do it for me. Let’s turn from the old to the new…from ourselves to Him.

His way is life. Abundant life.

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