When You’re Afraid of All The Things You Can’t See

“Daddy, I’m afraid of all the things I can’t see in the dark,” My 3 year old said to my husband tonight.

And isn’t that what weighs on all of our hearts? Isn’t that the truest prayer we could pray to our Daddy God…our Abba Father?

Sooner or later, we have to decide to trust God for who He says He is or not. He says He is the Light of the World. He says He cares for us more than sparrows. He says He is for us. He says He makes all things new. He says He is the resurrection and the life. He says He is with us…always.

So tonight, for all the things that are freaking you out in the dark…trust Him. Rest in His promises. They are real and more powerful than anything you fear in the dark.

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