When God Steps Into Your Story

My little boy is one of my greatest teachers. Recently, he grabbed the empty cardboard ring after the last piece of masking tape was used and placed it on top of his head, proclaiming, “I a KING!”

He paraded triumphantly around and then hopped in his red and yellow little coupe. He took the cardboard crown off his head and placed it in the trunk of his car. As he drove away, he turned to look at me very seriously, saying, “I still a king. I just took my crown off for a minute.” 

I was stunned. In that moment of play, I saw what Jesus did for us. 

He took off His crown for a little bit and came down to be among us so that we could be with Him in His Kingdom one day. Though He didn’t have his crown on, He was still a king. In fact, He was and is and always will be THE King of Kings. 

Perhaps if He had come to earth in bodily form today, he’d hop right in a car and be the guy next to us in traffic on our way to work, much like my son illustrated. 

The King of Kings came to dwell with us so that we could dwell with Him. 

He took off His crown for a bit because He came to be Immanuel…God with us. God with us in our ordinary. God with us in our awful. God with us in our joy. God with us in our sorrow. God with us always. 

Jesus stepped into our imperfect picture so that He could invite us into His perfect picture. 

You don’t have to walk alone in your mess, my friend. Immanuel isn’t just a name we can use at Christmas, but every single day. 

Jesus IS Immanuel… He is God with you. 

There is more than what you see now. The hope of Heaven can be yours with Jesus, who came to dwell with you, my friend. 

Take hope and invite Jesus to walk with you through the unexpected picture of your life. He came to redeem you and the story of your life. 

How have you seen Immanuel in your life? Drop a line in the comments below. I’d love to hear!

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