What You Need to Know When You’re Searching for More

Jesus is the Man of Sorrows, but he’s also the Prince of Peace. He gets where we are and all that we’ve been through. But he won’t leave us stuck. He brings peace and resurrection and hope to anything that brings us low, because he got low with us so that he could raise us up with Him and set our sights on what He’s already seen that we haven’t seen yet: hope fulfilled, not hope deferred.

Maybe today you’re wanting to see more right now in the unexpected picture of you. You want to see past today. You want to see what that “more” is.

The more is right in front of you, my friend. It’s Jesus. He is more. He is more than the sorrows you’re drowning or wading through. He is more that the heartbreak and the loss that he shattered the glass in front of your life’s picture. He is the framework that will hold all those unexpected brush strokes and colors on the canvas of your life in place. He is the One who will turn the ugliest snapshots in your scrapbook into the most meaningful ones. He is the “more” that you crave in your picture and if He is Lord over your life, He will perfect your picture skillfully because you are His masterpiece. In a word, He isn’t just “more,” He is enough. Jesus is enough for all that you’re craving and hoping and processing.

Every stroke on the canvas of you matters and with surrender to Him, can be beautifully redeemed for His glory and your good.

Jesus is the Man of Sorrows. And He is Lord over your sorrows. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. And He is your pathway to peace.

He is the more you are looking for. He is more than enough.

What is one step you can take to shift your eyes to Jesus today? Leave a comment below and let’s lift each other up to the Lord for this process.

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