Lessons From My Granddaddy Part 1

Next Friday, May 24th marks the 12 year anniversary of the home going of my Granddaddy.  Can I tell you a little bit about him?  Oh good, thank you.  I’ve got a two-part series about him, but really could write a whole book about the wisdom he passed down to me. In fact, one has been written already. You should … Read More

The Kindness of a Stranger

You know what’s been on my mind lately? The kindness of strangers that I’ve experienced in my life. I can think of so many instances where people I had never formed a relationship with reached out with something that blessed me from the simplest to the most profound manner. The “Pay-It-Forward”/ “Random Acts of Kindness” movements that I’ve seen several … Read More

What Facebook Taught Me About My Reach

Since launching the Facebook page for our site, I’ve seen uncanny reminders of why I’m doing this whole blog/website thing.  I know that it is no mistake that God has led me to decide on the name, “Reaching Beyond My Reach”.  I’ve been learning a lot through the recent entry into marketing my platform.  One thing in particular that has … Read More

The trite blog I’m avoiding

I’ve been appreciating our fully blooming backyard all week.  It’s intoxicating with sweet fragrances drifting from our wisteria-covered trellis.  The vibrant colors of those purple blooms, pink cherry blossom trees, fuchsia azaleas, red, yellow, and plumb colored tulips create a panorama of delight.  Yet, in the tulip bed, there they are…the dandelions and various accomplices. That’s right, weeds. When I … Read More

I’d Rather Have Jesus

Last night, after 104 years of life, one of earth’s most beloved saints of old entered the pearly gates for his eternal life.   When a person gets to be that old, you begin to wonder if they are going to outlive all of us.  George Beverly Shea, or as I’ve always called him, “Uncle Bev”, served his Lord and Savior … Read More

From Hollywood to Dollywood

Last weekend we were in Pigeon Forge, TN with some of my closest college friends and their families.  It was such a nice retreat in the mountains and wonderful to catch up with some who hold a dear spot in my heart.  We all split the cost of a nice cabin, but it was definitely a splurge for us.  So, … Read More

Cluttered Bathroom Reflections

If your bathroom is anything like mine, it’s a messy holding cell for toiletries, first aid items, makeup, hair styling accessories, and dishes from the previous evening’s midnight snack.  I don’t know how those people with the picture perfect Pinterest bathrooms do it.  Part of my problem is, we went from a double sink to tiny one sink vanity with … Read More

Sticks, Stones, and Words

I’m fairly certain that just about all of us heard this phrase growing up: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  After hearing this as a child, I remember quickly learning that this little rhyme was absolutely, positively untrue.  From the cradle to the cane, deep down, we all come to know that there … Read More

MY St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s Day has always been a well- acknowledged holiday in our family.  Not for the beer guzzling side of it, but for the Irish heritage and the legacy of St. Patrick himself.  Excited that I was born just two weeks before the holiday, my dad bought a little St.Patrick’s day button in the hospital gift shop that proclaimed, “It’s … Read More

The Way of Freedom

It doesn’t seem to have been too publicized in the States this week, but the news that has captured this household’s attention the most as of late is from Kenya.  Their Presidential election was this week. We’ve been praying months on end with our Kenyan friends for peace and that God would fill the office with someone who will lead … Read More