The Way of Freedom

It doesn’t seem to have been too publicized in the States this week, but the news that has captured this household’s attention the most as of late is from Kenya.  Their Presidential election was this week. We’ve been praying months on end with our Kenyan friends for peace and that God would fill the office with someone who will lead … Read More

Happy Birthday to Me

 I’m writing this at the age of 28 years old.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started doing this thing when it gets close to my birthday.  I’ll randomly say aloud, “I’m 28.”  (Or whatever age I am at the time).  I think a part of me is nervous about getting older and another wants to try to remember exactly how … Read More

I Had a Dream

      When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of Red Roses.  Last Thursday, as I gazed at the beautiful red roses my husband had surprised me with a couple days before the big celebration of love day; I remembered a very vivid dream that I had a few years ago.  It was during my last year of … Read More

Freshly Fallen Transformation

       It’s mid February and we’ve been without our radiator heat for four weeks come tomorrow.  Thankfully, it’s nearly fixed.  We’ve made do with an electric blanket, round the clock fires, and a few electric space heaters.  It has snowed every week since we’ve lost heat.  So, as a person who is home more often than most, the … Read More

Lights Out.

     I suppose they tried to teach us a little bit about every sport in grade school P.E. so that when faced with watching or participating in these events we wouldn’t be totally clueless. I remember when our P.E. Teacher had us learning about and playing football. I remember fun phrases like “button hook” and “third down.” But I … Read More

Life as a Pioneer Woman

 Have you ever been just sitting there, minding your own business…reading a biography about Daniel Boone let’s say… and then all of the sudden you find yourself living the lifestyle you’ve been reading about?  Well, I have. It happened last Thursday.It would have been a perfectly normal Thursday had our boiler not completely broken the night before. It’s January. It’s … Read More

There’s Enough Bacon

As I was cooking some bacon recently, trying to figure out how many pieces everybody would be able to have, a very simple sentence came to the front of my memory. It was my Mama saying, “There’s enough for everyone to have two pieces of bacon.”  Our family had breakfast food most Saturdays for brunch growing up, so this is … Read More

Calling 2012 to Baggage Claim

2013 is here and our Christmas tree (a live one, mind you, that we chopped down the Saturday after Thanksgiving) is still up, lit, and decorated. The stockings are still hung by the fireplace. The table is still decorated for Christmas brunch. Our suitcases are not unpacked. Stuff is strewn about our house. My cough from the flu is still … Read More

To The Miserables: It’s a Wonderful Life

Christmas has come and gone and we hardly noticed it… because most of us were knocked out with the flu, just trying to survive. Our plan had been to go see Les Miserables on its opening night of Christmas. Instead, we were The Miserables ourselves. What with all the hacking of lungs, headaches, roller coaster fevers, chills, body aches, sore … Read More

I Heard the Bells

    As the year 2012 is coming to a close, I can’t help but think back over the 365 days it has held. Life appeared to be in a rhythm for us the first six months. The very first day of the next six months, drums were beating all over the place and it seemed that no rhythm was to … Read More