True Heroism

Let me start off with a summary quote of John Milton’s view of heroism…”True heroism is patience and humility in the face of suffering…” “…we traveled again to Rwanda, where we stopped at a school for teenagers. Some were orphans who had lost a parent to AIDS or to genocide. As we left the school, we saw a group of … Read More

Amazing Love and Grace

I have never realized how romantic this story is. Abraham makes his servant covenant with him to go find a wife for his son from his own people so as to ensure that she is a righteous woman. Afterall, Isaac was to be the heir of Abraham’s inheritance and be one of the founding fathers of God’s people. If a … Read More

Canaan Land

There is so much to learn from the New Testament. Yet, I find myself so accustomed to reading it that I just skim right through it because I already “know” what I’m reading. So, just around this past Christmas I decided to start in Genesis again to see if it would capture my attention a little more. I have gleaned … Read More