Through the Rain Speckled Windshield

I’ve seen a lot of interesting things in the parking lot of our local movie theater…teenie boppers lined up for the Jonas Brothers Movie, the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile, multitudes of refillable popcorn buckets…But tonight, I saw the God’s promise. I was in the middle of pouring out my heart to my husband about how 10 years ago at a youth retreat, we had … Read More

The Unbuckled Shoe

Today is my husband’s and my 2nd wedding anniversary. So far, it has been the best one yet. We have had a the most wonderful day together. God gave us an extra special gift wrapped in the bodies of an 80+ year old couple. We decided to go on a lunch date together to make the day extra special and give … Read More

True Heroism

Let me start off with a summary quote of John Milton’s view of heroism…”True heroism is patience and humility in the face of suffering…” “…we traveled again to Rwanda, where we stopped at a school for teenagers. Some were orphans who had lost a parent to AIDS or to genocide. As we left the school, we saw a group of … Read More

Amazing Love and Grace

I have never realized how romantic this story is. Abraham makes his servant covenant with him to go find a wife for his son from his own people so as to ensure that she is a righteous woman. Afterall, Isaac was to be the heir of Abraham’s inheritance and be one of the founding fathers of God’s people. If a … Read More

Canaan Land

There is so much to learn from the New Testament. Yet, I find myself so accustomed to reading it that I just skim right through it because I already “know” what I’m reading. So, just around this past Christmas I decided to start in Genesis again to see if it would capture my attention a little more. I have gleaned … Read More