How to Make Life Easier for Someone Who is Struggling

When someone comes to a place in life where they realize there is an extremely difficult journey ahead, it can be overwhelming. Maybe it’s the life changing phone call. Or maybe it’s the blip on the screen that isn’t beating. Perhaps it’s the call into the boss’ office that has them calling their spouse in tears and unemployment. Maybe it’s … Read More

The Struggle Is Real


Do you struggle? Well, if you have breath, we both know the answer to that question. Of course you do. I do, too. Everyone does. They didn’t come up with #thestruggleisreal for no reason. Life is full of friction that constitutes a daily struggle to do things… to do the right things…in the amount of time we’ve been given each … Read More

To the Strained People of the World

How are your muscles today? Aching a bit from strain?  What has you straining? Is it from grinding your teeth at night because that’s how your body inadvertently reacts to stress even as you sleep? Is it from carrying that very attached baby of yours everywhere you go even as you work? Is it from hunching over mounds of paperwork as … Read More