Taco Cupcakes

I love taking an old favorite and trying a new twist with it. These taco cupcakes are no exception.  They are truly delicious and a bit easier to eat than a regular taco because they come in bite-sized portions.  This would be a great party-pleasing food to include on any menu.  But they also work for spicing up your routine … Read More

Texas Trash

My husband is a professor.  So that means from time to time we have groups of students over to bless them with a home cooked meal. I was in a quandary last time we had a bunch over as to what to fix.  The larger the crowd, the further the dollar has to stretch.  I decided to go with Mexican … Read More

Southwest Egg Rolls

So, I’ve mentioned before that I live in a rather small town.  I mean, we have multiple traffic lights, a target, some other shops, and some chain restaurants.  But compared to the little big town of Nashville, where I used to live, it’s small. While my favorite places to eat are typically local joints, I do have my favorite big … Read More

Southern Pimento Cheese

I don’t like sweet tea.  I don’t like fried okra, pickles, or squash.  I don’t like tomatoes (unless they’re green and fried). I don’t love Cheerwine.  But you know one thing this Southern Belle can’t resist? A good pimento cheese. It can’t be uber-mayonaisy.  Why? Well, when I was little, I liked mayo a little too much.  I ate it … Read More