Hershey Bar Pie

Who was the cook in your home growing up? For me, it was my mom.  My dad was hardly a cook.  There were 3 things he knew how to make, though: eggs, steak, and Hershey Bar Pie. Growing up, I remember that we used to have men’s dessert contests at our church. My dad was the Pastor, so he was … Read More

Oreo Ice Cream Trifle

Oreo Ice Cream Trifle Ah, America.  There are so many delicious flavors that represent thee.  But few can compare to the delicious, simple snack of a good ole Oreo.  I love Oreos.  But I know someone who loves them even more than me… my sweet Hubby. (And believe it or not, my Father-in-Law loves them even more than his son!) … Read More

Better Than…Anything Cake

Better Than…Anything Cake Ok.  Let’s just talk about this divine cake.  It’s pretty much the best cake on the planet.  I’m in love with butterscotch.  And chocolate. And whipped cream.  And contrary to what elementary school Emily always imagined about Heath Bars (I thought they were old people candy bars back then), I’m in love with Heath Bars.  I think … Read More