Cheese Grits

I’m a Grit, y’all.  Girl Raised In The South.  (No, I don’t have the shirt from Cracker Barrel).  I don’t understand these people who put sugar in their grits.  That’s just weird to me.  Give me butter or cheese grits any ole time.  And do not give me runny, watery grits.  I like my grits thick and creamy.  That’s just … Read More

Magnolia’s Israeli Cous Cous

We have a little restaurant down the street from us called Magnolias.  It is one of our favorite local spots. When we moved to Nashville, it was one of the places we missed the most even as we were surrounded by some of the best food in the country.  The dish that I missed the very most was their cous … Read More

Gina Neely’s Spicy Creamed Spinach

Gina Neely’s Spicy Creamed Spinach I was channel surfing one day and landed on “Down Home with The Neelys” on the Food Network.  Mesmerized, I watched for the next thirty minutes as they tore up the kitchen with Southern goodness.  One of the feature recipes that day was Gina’s Spicy Creamed Spinach.  As soon as the show was over, I … Read More