The Royal Spotlight

Your life is one big event full of smaller events.  It falls onto the calendar of history… His Story.  Think of all the events you’ve been to in your lifetime.  Birthday parties, weddings, funerals, concerts, festivals, backyard barbecues, pool parties, garden shows, monster truck rallies, ball games, graduations, retirements… What has made each event, well, event worthy?  The setting? Sometimes.  … Read More

Snowflakes Upon the Royal Coat of Arms

Immanuel.  God with us.  ….wikki wikka…Hold up…we have a remix going on here.   I couldn’t even go any further with writing this because He just showed up.  You should have seen the wintery night sky He just lit up with the most unusual lighting scheme, bringing deep blues, golds, and oranges to our attention.  My husband and I nearly … Read More