How to Fight Fear

I’ve got a four letter word that often tries to mess with my life: fear. Recently, I was thinking about how fear tries to halt me and stunt me from walking in obedience and (in a non-millennial catch phrase way) from living my best life. You see, my best life is one that trades that four letter word for the … Read More

Take Time to Listen

A few weeks ago, at the hilt of the family crisis we’ve been dealing with, I found myself being super irritated, judgey, and impatient in my heart about the clerk at Walmart. I was in a huge rush, trying to pick up some things to help my mom, as well as dinner to take to her at the rehabilitation hospital … Read More

You’re Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Too, Girl.

Rarely do my husband and I sleep in separate rooms. This week, though, he is suffering through a double ear infection and a sinus infection. Our little boy is recovering from a virus as well, so I really am taking measures to give my immune system its best shot so we don’t all fall apart. Even still, sometimes I feel … Read More

How to Make Life Easier for Someone Who is Struggling

When someone comes to a place in life where they realize there is an extremely difficult journey ahead, it can be overwhelming. Maybe it’s the life changing phone call. Or maybe it’s the blip on the screen that isn’t beating. Perhaps it’s the call into the boss’ office that has them calling their spouse in tears and unemployment. Maybe it’s … Read More

Gaining a Beautiful Perspective From Your Storm

The sky was painted with the most gorgeous pinks, oranges, yellows, and blues. I couldn’t resist taking a photograph of how they highlighted the Blue Ridge Mountains. Even my 3 year old piped up from the back seat, “Mom! Take a picture! Take a picture of the sunset!” It was a work of art we didn’t want to forget. “Do … Read More

What You Need to Know When You’re Searching for More

Jesus is the Man of Sorrows, but he’s also the Prince of Peace. He gets where we are and all that we’ve been through. But he won’t leave us stuck. He brings peace and resurrection and hope to anything that brings us low, because he got low with us so that he could raise us up with Him and set … Read More

When God Steps Into Your Story

My little boy is one of my greatest teachers. Recently, he grabbed the empty cardboard ring after the last piece of masking tape was used and placed it on top of his head, proclaiming, “I a KING!” He paraded triumphantly around and then hopped in his red and yellow little coupe. He took the cardboard crown off his head and … Read More

How Do I Get Through This?

As an enneagram 6, I often run through the worst-case scenarios because I want to brace myself for what may or may not happen. Enneagram sixes’ greatest “vice” is fear. For me, my fears often stem from the fact that I’ve experienced the worst and been slammed to the ground by the worst: a cancer diagnosis for my dad & … Read More

How to stop saying, “I can’t do this.”

Emily P Meyer How to Stop Saying I Cant Do This

“I can’t do this.” If I haven’t said it out loud, how many times have I said it inside my head and heart The weight of the, “I can’t do this,” is so so heavy. It’s often very real, too. You really aren’t as strong as the task ahead of you many times…not by yourself. But you know what? You’ve … Read More

When You’re Afraid of All The Things You Can’t See

“Daddy, I’m afraid of all the things I can’t see in the dark,” My 3 year old said to my husband tonight. And isn’t that what weighs on all of our hearts? Isn’t that the truest prayer we could pray to our Daddy God…our Abba Father? Sooner or later, we have to decide to trust God for who He says … Read More