Taco Burgers

I love burgers, don’t you?  My all time favorite homemade burger is my Tried and True Burgers.  But every now and then, I like to mix things up…like with these Black Bean and Quinoa Burgers.  I came across a truly great combo of two of our favorites around here. Tacos + burgers= taco burgers!  Wow.  These are show stoppers. They’re … Read More

Texas Trash

My husband is a professor.  So that means from time to time we have groups of students over to bless them with a home cooked meal. I was in a quandary last time we had a bunch over as to what to fix.  The larger the crowd, the further the dollar has to stretch.  I decided to go with Mexican … Read More

Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that my sister-in-law has some sort of Latina background judging off of how many Mexican recipes she has mastered.  Seriously.  You’d never know it by looking at the girl.  She’s of German and Irish descent.  But boy, oh boy, does she know how to caliente things up in the kitchen! She’s running … Read More