World’s Best Potato Soup

Remember last week, when I said there were a few things that couldn’t be topped from my recipe collection?  You know…I told you about my Mimi’s Meatloaf & Sauce , Mimi’s Green Beans, and my Apple Pie (coming next week!)?   Well, I hate to brag again, but I’m in another Maria Von Trapp Mood this week.  So, please let me … Read More

Jean Jones’ Cookie Cake

OK.  So, Pinterest is great and all, but it just can’t satisfy every craving.  I was scrolling through the other day looking for the perfect cure for my sweet tooth.  And then I thought to myself, “This is ridiculous.  I just want some of Jean Jones’ Cookie Cake.”  I shut my lap top and marched myself into my kitchen to … Read More

Texas Trash

My husband is a professor.  So that means from time to time we have groups of students over to bless them with a home cooked meal. I was in a quandary last time we had a bunch over as to what to fix.  The larger the crowd, the further the dollar has to stretch.  I decided to go with Mexican … Read More