Even the Good Things

Romans 8:28 is one of my power verses…a go to for my heart when it seems like the rug has been pulled out from under my feet and I’m fumbling along, trying to find light when my world goes dark. But lately, I’ve been struck by the truth of how when it says, “And we know that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose…” that ALL includes not just the bad and the large, but the good and the small, too.

I’ve seen good things from years’ worth of dabbling, trying, adventuring, learning, meeting, conversing, investing, and encountering start to really look like what God promises in that verse…His working for good in my life and for His glory.

Maybe today you need encouragement that your time is not wasted.

Maybe you switched your major in college more than a few times like I did. Perhaps you didn’t realize that the stuff you learned and the projects you spent your time on for what seemed like endless hours and days in a subject you didn’t stick with actually might have a purpose later on in your life.

Maybe you feel like the tiny projects that you’ve worked on in your field are just that: tiny and that that they don’t amount to much. But then, maybe if you step back and remember that tiny things are what it takes to make a whole picture. 100 tiny pennies makes a dollar. 1080 tiny pixels squared makes one instagram picture. 55,000 tiny words make a standard sized book.

Maybe the project you’re working on right now with a team manager or an editor or someone like that is aggravating you to no end because you’re tired of tweaking everything. But then…down the line even in a different job or role, you hear that person’s voice in the back of your mind pushing you onto greatness again to make what you’re working on the best version that you can put forth.

It’s essential to recognize the good things that God has allowed you to participate in. Even if those things might have seemed small or like a waste of time at one point.

Your hours and your days fall on the non timeline of eternity.

He’s done it retroactively, actively, and futuristically because He doesn’t fit into a timeline with a beginning and an end. He has no beginning and no end. So, with your beginning and your end, He has a good good plan to not waste your time, but to make it count for eternity when your heart is in love with His.

Can you waste time? Sure.

But does God waste time? Never.

Even with the regular, the ordinary, the good that isn’t dramatic and of course the bad, too, God redeems time and shapes the tiny things our hands have formed by His perfect hands to make them not just good, but very good.

God really does work ALL things together for the {good} of those who {love} Him and have been called according to His purpose.

Those tiny things…those good things count. God let you be the one who collided with those things on purpose for your good, which often spills over to bring goodness to others, and ultimately for His glory.

Don’t give up on your time the tiny things.

Your time is not wasted.

God doesn’t waste things…even small ones.

And for those who love Him, He really does work ALL things together for their good…the bad things, the in between things, and the good things.

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