Fall Treat

This past Sunday marked the first day of one of my favorite four letter words: F-A-L-L!!!!! (Among my other favorite four letter words are love, hope, cake, soup, and dogs!)  Don’t you just love fall? The crisp air is so full of potential for cozy evenings around bonfires, warm gatherings in the home, exciting football games, and beautiful changing scenery.  I have so many favorite things about fall that they have like a 100 or so way tie! One of the most anticipated parts about the season, though, is…CANDY CORN, baby! Oh, yeah! It’s so different than anything we eat during the rest of the year. The sweet flavors of caramelized honey and whatnot taste just as beautiful as the leaves on the trees look.  So, I live in a town that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that Nashville did.  You can only imagine how big of a deal it is that we recently landed a Fresh Market in these parts! The first day the line was out the door.  My sister-in-law was crazy brave enough to take her two year old, but could barely navigate through the aisles.  We waited a few days before we ventured out.  Oh, it is just beautiful.  And stinkin e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e too! But what a great place for a treat… and even inspiration! Their jars with scoops for candy and nuts is one of the most fun part of the store! We splurged on this one particular scoop of fall trail mix (and several other items which we are rationing out).  It was a fall party in my mouth! But, like I said, it was pretty pricy.  So, I got home, rolled up my sleeves, sorted through my pantry, and bada-bing- I made the same thing (if not better!) for a fraction of the cost.   If you’ve got folks coming over for a little shin dig and need to restock your candy bowls, this is just perfect.  Or, if someone you know needs a little fall pick-me-up, this is just the ticket! Enjoy this simple, tasty fall treat!

Fall Treat

Reach For:

1 bag of traditional candy corn

1 cup of golden raisins

1- 1 & 1/2 cup of salted, roasted peanuts

1 movie theater sized box of Reese’s Pieces


Pour all ingredients into an air tight container and stir or shake to together.  Serve and enjoy!

Yields: 10 half cup servings

Recipe Source: Me! (Inspired by The Fresh Market)

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