Gingerbread Milk Shakes

OK, you guys.  I seriously love the Gingerbread recipe I acquired from my Pre-School teacher, Mrs. Lucy.  It is the best one out there!  I really hope that you’ll try them by themselves.  But, I also hope that you’ll try them in milkshake form! The same year that my husband and I started bouncing out all our fun Christmas beverages like Snow White Floats and Rosemary Clooney Floats, we found that we could make Gingerbread Milk Shakes!!! My oh my.  These things are fantastic.  Terribly fattening I’m sure, but oh so worth the splurge! I cannot recommend these highly enough.  Personally, I think Santa would prefer a Gingerbread Milk Shake over milk and cookies.  Why don’t you give them a whirl?

Gingerbread Milk Shakes

Reach For:

5-6 Gingerbread Boys and Girls (See recipe here)

1 tsp vanilla

6 scoops of vanilla ice cream

1/2 cup milk

Optional: sprinkles for the rim of the glass and an extra gingerbread man to stick out of the drink


Place ingredients in a blender.  Blend until nice and creamy.  Play around with extra milk and/or ice cream if needed.  Dip rim of glass in colorful sprinkles.  Pour milkshake into glass.  Stick a Gingerbread man and straw in the drink.  Serve cold and Enjoy!

Yields: Approx 2 large or 4 small Milkshakes

Recipe Source: Myself!

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