Jeff Goins Interview

I’ve been in the thick of my calling, lately. I’m writing a book and unbeknownst to what I expected, I’m not in this process alone. I can’t do it by myself. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about my calling is that it takes a village…a tribe of people who will support you and help make it happen. Jeff Goins knows about tribes for calling. He founded a terrific community of other writers, called “Tribe Writers.” He has written several books, which have truly challenged and inspired me in my calling as a writer. I’ve got to say, though, that his most recent book, The Art of Work, has really helped solidify how to move forward in my calling. It doesn’t matter if you’re called to be a writer, a mom, a dad, a professional basketball player, a dog groomer, a CEO, an administrative assistant, a teacher, a doctor, or a missionary. This book applies to you. It will help you move forward with confidence and grace in what God has purposed for you to do in the portfolio of your life. This is the first interview I’ve conducted. I think it’s a great place to start with the conversations that go on in my little corner of cyber space. I hope you enjoy eavesdropping on my talk with author, Jeff Goins.

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