Life in Technicolor

The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie of all time. I suppose it was in college when I first started piecing together the reason why it is my favorite movie. It all boils down to the fact that there’s no place like home.

This afternoon, we were driving home to Tennessee from North Carolina. It was a gorgeous day in the mountains. Yet, the sky was gray and over cast. I was enjoying the view through the lenses of my sunglasses. Then, I got to thinking about how parallel to the movie and the greater scheme of life that moment truly was. Everything around me looked like the “before color” scene in the movie.

As a child, I remember feeling like I really was loosing my mind when Dorothy would open the door to her Kansas home and find a world filled with color and wondrous things that she had never seen. I always thought to myself, “Wait, I thought this was a black and white movie.” Then, the whole middle part of the movie would take place in full color and it would eventually go back to the grey color scale once she woke up from her dream.

Life on earth is beautiful, yet much like the movie, we find ourselves living in shades of grey, rather than colors beyond our boldest dreams.

This is kind of wild, but I promise you after I had this thought train this afternoon, I saw a gorgeous rainbow through the grey clouds over the mountains. I just love how God gives us glimpses of the colors of glory. Yes, we temporarily return to the shades of grey, where things aren’t necessarily as He intended them to be when He created the world. Yet, He has redeemed those shades of grey and is using them to paint with a new palette of colors for His new creation.

I have never seen as many rainbows in one year as I have in this one. I’ve already written about the day we saw two rainbows in one day. Yeah, well I haven’t written about how we actually drove THROUGH FIVE rainbows within 30 minutes in September.

To me, rainbows are the most physical evidence of God’s promises that I could ever behold on earth. God knows all the tangible trials we have been through this year with my husband getting laid off. Some days we wonder how on earth we are going to be able to pay the next bill. Break that sentence down…How.On.Earth.We. That’s just it.

GOD shows us rainbows after rainbows from HEAVEN and reminds us of his promises. This year, it’s been to remind us of his promises of provision. He keeps on providing unperverted rainbows to remind me of His absolute truth and faithfulness. He also reminds me that in light of eternity, this is just one more shade of grey that He is allowing beautiful colors of His glory to shine through. He is proving that His grace is sufficient for me.

My circumstances may seem colorless at times, but that’s just because of the lense I’m perceiving it through. All along, there’s really color there. I just have to switch my lense to an eternal one.

Oh, and also, He has it so that any route I drive to work, I have to drive by pastures full of cows. Yeah, He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and He has promised us as believers that He will supply all of our needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

Jehovah Jirah- My God provides.

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