Shopping in Nashville


I’m just throwing this one in there for fun, because, well…it’s my favorite store ever!  I always enjoy seeing these stores in various cities because they all seem to be unique.  If you want to leisurely shop, there are some other great shops down this street including some great boutiques, a Merrell store, AND another one of my favorites, West Elm.

Antique Archaeology

Have you ever seen The History Channel’s show, “American Pickers”? This is Mike Wolfe’s store!  It’s worth the time to peruse through their rusty gold finds, soak up the rustic ambiance, and marvel over items that you’ve seen on T.V. before.

Bang Candy Company

Right next door to Antique Archaeology, you really must pop in to partake in some of The Bang Candy Company’s homemade gourmet marshmallows and other tasty treats.  The Irish woman who birthed this place is simply charming.  You’ll be delighted to meet her if she’s in.  You’ll want to be sure to try one of their exotic beverages as well. My favorite is Strawberry Mint Lemonade.  In fact, I just polished off my only bottle of that syrup, so I think I trip back beckons me.  (Online ordering is available too, but I’d much rather dine in!)

Cool Springs Galleria Mall

If you want to hit up the largest mall in middle Tennessee, head on over to The Cool Springs Galleria.  You’ll find just about everything you need (or don’t need) from Pottery Barn to Williams and Sonoma to Forever 21, Banana Republic, and Bare Minerals.  Trust me, this is a great mall. Now that I live in a “city” whose only mall doesn’t even have a GAP, I realize I took this place for granted way too much.

The Factory- Franklin

This is a charming indoor shopping center with lots of local art and knick-knacks, located in an old factory (of course).  There are also several good restaurants inside, a local theatre performance center called The Boiler Room, a pottery-painting place, and even a pet shop! This is a great place for any day, but if it were unbearably hot or rainy out, I’d say it’s extra special!

Green Hills Mall

Want to know where local celebrities shop? Oh, it’s here, at the Green Hills Mall.  It’s no doubt that this is the place for them as they boast upscale stores such as Tiffany’s and Louis Vuitton.  But never you fear, they have “normal” scale stores as well.  You’ll also find stores that are not as widespread as say… The GAP… such as Apple, Restoration Hardware, and The Container Store. Hungry? Don’t worry! They’ve got restaurants too.  Most popular I’d say is The Cheesecake Factory.  Oh, and if you happen to be there at Christmas time, they have the best Santa Claus around!


I do believe this is quite possibly my husband’s very favorite place in Nashville.  It’s a vinyl record collector’s paradise.  Jam packed with new & pre-loved music, if music is your thaaaaang, you must stop by to peruse their collection.  They put on a mean show for Record Store Day as well, hosting local and famed acts alike.  Check out “The Basement” (located in their basement) as well for a whole slew of shows.

Opry Mills Mall

If you follow the news, you’ll recall that a huge flood hit Nashville in 2010.  Opry Mills Mall is still recovering from that horrible time, but open for business nonetheless.  You’ll find great outlets, stores, and restaurants here. One of the neatest places is The Aquarium Restaurant.  It lives up to the name with tanks full of beautiful fish surrounding you as you eat.


There are a lot of great, unique shops in downtown Franklin.  One of my very favorites is Philanthropy.  Not only is this sort of a mom and pop version of Anthropologie, but their slogan is  “Fashion + Compassion.”  I adore the fact that they give part of their proceeds to struggling people in other countries.  It always makes me feel good about purchasing something for myself when I know it will help others.


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