It’s been awhile since I’ve tickled the blogospherekeys. However, I’ve had a lot of thoughts swirling throughout my brain about wondrous things God’s been doing in our lives. It all boils down to one word: story.

I’ve never been so utterly aware of the fact that I am a character in a very intricate plot as I have been of late. We all get caught up in what’s going on in our own lives on occasion- the struggles and triumphs- so much that we forget how deeply we are connected to a greater story. We also neglect the fact that the isolated pieces of our lives are not actually solitary, but are congruent to each other. It’s almost like we each have a distinct tale that is related to one before, beside, or after us (or even all of the above). I don’t know…like a Canterbury Tale or something. You know, like how each one some how mentions one of the other tales, however remains distinctly unique? The beauty is that they all work to comprise a complete volume of a people created by the same author.


A story is quite boring if it lacks plot and character development, isn’t it? Oh how our hearts bleed, though, when a character goes through a particularly awful struggle and then leaps in celebration of victory. Sighs of relief are breathed when everything seems to be going swimmingly, yet longer sighs are heaved when it stays that way too long. The story has to remain in motion in order to captivate the audience and to move the protagonist along.


Isn’t that how life is? At times it may feel like your story is isolated and the rest of the world has forgotten its gravity. Then, you find you’re actually part of an epic story that’s been going on since the beginning of time. Really, your story is just a chapter with miniature chapters. Not to draw equal comparison to inerrant Scripture, but you could even call those miniature chapters verses I suppose. Yet, your story is included in the volume intentionally- with ever so much thought and care. You are a character who has the option to be aware that your author is moving the pen of eternity to script you into the most intricate plot, where true heroism offers glory to the author for even lifting the pen in the first place.


Do you know that when ‘the bell tolls’ like John Donne contemplated, that it ‘tolls for you’? You are not ‘an island unto yourself’ as Mr.Donne remarked. You are part of the great world novel…far better than the illustrious great American novel. And if you love the author that is penning your story and realize that you’ve been called into this roll for His purposes, He works all things together for your good because He IS good… not to mention…He’s a good story teller, worthy of prizes far loftier than Pulitzers. He’s worthy of every crown He gives you. You’ll lay them at His feet some day I’m sure. But in the mean time, why not pay him the best homage you can in this land that He has created and retell HisStory… the Greatest Story ever told?

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