Why {Sometimes} We Need Somebody All Up In Our Business

Contrary to what my FaceBook world would tell you, I’m a pretty private person.  When I am struggling with something, I really really don’t want the whole world to know unless I’m good and ready to face the repercussions that brings.  And I absolutely hate drama (except in the movies). I avoid it like the plague. But I’ve learned that … Read More

10 Things I Learned in my 20’s

Well, it’s finally here: the dreaded last day of my 20’s.  As much as I would like to deem tomorrow “The 2nd Annual Anniversary of My 29th Birthday”, I can’t.  When the clock moves into the 2:00AM hour, while I sleep, I will turn 30.  (I think I need a piece of chocolate.) As hard as the idea of starting … Read More

It’s So Much More

One of the things that I love most about being a Professor’s wife is being able to build relationships outside of the classroom with students.  Teaching in the classroom is one thing, but there’s something even more valuable when you sit down to a cup of coffee with someone and just hear their heart.  You learn and they learn.  It’s … Read More