The Parable of The Crows and The Owl

They were all causing the greatest ruckus. You would’ve thought it was a matter of national security right outside the door of my sun-porch. I had no idea why those crows were cawing so fiercely and aggressively. The cacophony of horrendous sounds caused me to rise from my couch to peer out the screens.

I shivered when I saw a large winged creature taking much room in that tree. I looked closer. It was a wise old owl ignoring all the sirens telling him he didn’t belong there and that he had no purpose being in that tree.  He sat there quietly and stood his grounds…or branch rather. The crows got madder and madder. But a funny thing happened. Eventually, the crows left. And the owl stayed perched in the tree next our fence line, twisting his neck around, creeping me out. All the same, this wise bird offered me a new perspective of resiliency to tuck away in my mind.

Maybe you’ve got your own sirens telling you that you don’t belong where you are. Maybe you’re tired of all the ruckus and tempted to fly off to another spot before you fulfill your purpose where God has directed your flight path to land you.

There are people in your life who will tell you that you don’t belong, you’re not in the right place, they were there first, that you better just move along out of their way, that you must be crazy for thinking you should be there, and other lies that are intended to get you to move away from where you’ve been led.

Sometimes it’s not even people but ideas or attitudes that have built up in your mind to overwhelm your resolve to bloom where you are planted. Sometimes it’s a bunch of untruths that you’ve allowed to enter and neglected to take captive in your thoughts.

Are you hearing those old caws of, “You’re an impostor!” or “You don’t have what it takes!” or “Other people know how to do this better than me!” or “Maybe I got it wrong!”?

Chances are you’re allowing yourself to be deceived.

How did you get where you are anyway?

If you tapped into the wisdom greater than that ole owl’s, asking God to direct your flight, and to lead you to the place He wants you to perch for the next section of your journey, then you haven’t arrived there by mistake. You’ve come filled with purpose.

Whatever or whomever’s beaks are screeching noisily at you for showing up to fulfill the objectives for that time and place in your travels through life, I hope you’ll choose to let them be drowned out with the truth of your purpose. I urge you to learn from the wise old owl and stand with resolve.

It may take a long time for those naysayers to fly away and figure out a purpose greater than trying to get you down, but stand anyway.

If you’re committed to wisely seeking the Lord’s will before your own, you’ll find that you won’t be squawking like those other critters. No, you’ll be strengthened to be the person God intended you to be, reserving your voice for the things that matter most. And you’ll be able to sit tall in confidence that you are right where He wants you. It’ll be hard to focus at times with all those loud noises of negativity, but if you turn your head to face whatever direction makes your eyes lock with Jesus, your focus will be right where it should be.

Don’t give up on where the maker of your feathers guided you to fly and nest. He may send winds to have you spread your wings to flap to a new nest some day, but don’t forsake the one He has given you today because a bunch of angry, wind-filled voices tell you otherwise.

I pray you’ll have more songbirds, cheering you up as you bring fruit from the nest God has guided you to. But if you start hearing those terribly raucous voices of yapping crows or the like, I hope you’ll stand firm and nestle into the feather’s of the Father, knowing that He will equip you where He has directed you.

And that…is The Parable of the Crows and the Owl.


“Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” Psalm 91:3-4

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:13-14






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