Trade the Hustle for the Holy

We live in a world that screams, “You’re behind! You should be doing ______! You should have accomplished ______ by now!” How overwhelming. There has to be another approach to living a meaningful life.

I think it’s time to trade the hustle for the holy.

I don’t mean that we shouldn’t ever hustle. Sometimes we need to work hard and fast if we are going to live obedient, abundant lives.

But I do think that we don’t have to be chronic hustlers. I think that whether it’s a season of putting a pin in certain dreams so we can attend to other dreams and needs, we need to be at peace with not feeling bad when we aren’t hustling to accomplish that “big thing.”

The truth is that that “big thing” is just one of the things. God has multiple callings on how we spend our time and energy.

The really big calling on our lives…the biggest one…is how we walk with God.

So, do you know what? It’s ok to trade the hustle for the holy to set the general tone of your life.

Recently, I heard author Gary Morland say, “Become who you’re supposed to be so you can say what you’re supposed to say. Don’t rush it. It’s ok to be busy living your story and to take notes, process it, and share later. Every season has something hard to it. Live, learn, and listen.”

Isn’t that just it? Don’t miss your life. Don’t miss your ABUNDANT life with Christ. He is Lord over all, including your time, dreams, callings, emergencies, mundane, and miracles. Lean in to Him as you walk with Him. Notice those holy moments with Him in your midst. You won’t regret it.

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