Upside Down Worlds – Part 9: Conclusion


I recently was talking with one of the pastors of our church. We were discussing the desperate needs of many people in Africa. He reminded me that while you can’t change the world, you can change a village. What truth. We have the opportunity to change our world through the power of Christ one village at a time.

When I arrived in Kenya and experienced the culture shock that I did, I think I was experiencing much more than that at the time. I realized what it was when I saw the line of orphans out the door of Pastor Christopher’s church waiting to be fed and sat with one year olds on the dusty floor, watching them eat every bite with precision, so as not to miss one drop of food. Brokeness. That’s what I was feeling. You can watch all the World Vision or Save the Children commercials you want and feel a little sad, maybe even cry a little, but not quite sad enough to do anything about it. But when you’re sitting there among those faces, your heart is moved to brokenness. These beautiful people need food, clothing, and shelter, yes. But they need so much more than that. They need the Father to the Fatherless. They need a defender of orphans and widows. They need to know that they are not forgotten and that their Father has a wonderful plan for their lives to give them Hope through his son, Jesus Christ, and a future.
My prayer is that my heart will not become desensitized as I settle back into my daily routines. I want to help bring Hope to Kenya just as I want to bring Hope to America…one village and one neighborhood at a time…and only through the MIGHTY power of Christ. Will you help join in on that revolution?

Here are some ministries that will help us help them….

You could help with…
Feed A Child – $5/month, Basket Making – $20, Goats for Kids – $50, Sewing Machines $110…
Provide library books, Help purchase a new generator, Build a new addition to the boys’ dorm…
ONE Last thought about Kenya…
When I look at this photo that David took on our Safari, I’m reminded of Aslan from C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. Mr. Beaver put it well..
“Safe? Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe.
But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.”

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