Who’s On Your Production Crew?

When I was growing up, my grandparents did their very best to make it to all of my birthday parties. I don’t know that they made it to all of them, but I remember them at most of my special events. My Granddaddy travelled the world, spreading the Gospel, with Dr. Billy Graham, serving as his right hand man and associate evangelist. Mimi was often with him as well. So it was very special that they could make it to the larger part of my sister’s and my special occasions, just down the road from their house. These days, among my most valuable treasures are old home movies that I’ve inherited to try to preserve and pass along to the rest of the family. Most of those memories, housed in black plastic boxy VHS tapes were filmed by my Granddaddy, with assistance from Mimi. For our family, it was perfectly normal to catch a glimpse of Granddaddy with the huge tape recorder resting on his shoulder, pointed at those he loved, with Mimi standing off to the side holding a giant spotlight with her hand. “Darlin, I need you to point the spot light over there,” you can hear Granddaddy stage whispering to Mimi. Dutifully, she would do that and move around the room with her long extension cord so Granddaddy could get what he thought was the perfect shot of their family on record. As I watched these movies with my husband, who never got to meet my Granddaddy or my Daddy, tears slipped out uncontrollably as I caught a glimpse into the heart of my family. But I also giggled at the spectacle of my family’s showmanship to capture memories. David laughed hysterically and said, “You had your own production crew!!!” And you know, I sure did. Whether we recognize it or not, I think we all have our own production crews.

When you watch the reels of your life’s story in the recesses of your memory, who do you see in the background helping shape you into the person you’ve become? Who is still on your production crew, bringing communal support to who you’re now becoming?

Some of those faces may evoke feelings of pain. Some may stir up warm-hearted reactions. But each person in your production crew has served as a boost to illuminate whom you have chosen to become.

What do you see when you view the actions of your life that are aided in production by those in your inner circle?

In my life, most of the people on my production crew have taught me behind-the- scenes how to exude light in this world by actually exuding light themselves. They led by example. They weren’t perfect, but the light still shone through and I chose to accept their encouragement by asking God to equip me to shine brightly, too. Those are the people I’ve kept closest in my circles of support.

Admittedly, there were some who eventually came off my production crew because if they remained, I might have chosen to shrink into the shadows of darkness that exuded from their hearts and examples. I don’t want encouragers of shady living in my inner circle. So, from time to time, I’ve found new faces to step into those open spots on my production team.

I think we all have experiences with a few slip shod directors and spotlight holders in our production crews. Some people grow up with nearly pitch-black home movies because their production crews barely had any light to offer them. Others have a few burned out images that were hard to decipher as the reels ran. When the film starts looking particularly dark, it’s time to gather a new team of production supporters. How we choose to carry on in each stage reflects whom we keep on our life’s production crews.

Who is on your life’s production crew today? Are they people who bring you to your optimum light, exposing things that require you to make changes and choices for God’s best lit version of yourself? Or are they people who keep you cloaked in darkness, offering the world only shadowed images with background noise?

Choose to surround yourself with those who bring you into the light of Christ and help you burn brightly with His light to all who catch the flick of your life.

“Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.” Proverbs 13:20 ESV

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