Missing the Old While Longing For the New

Our backyard has a creek running through it, nestled up to woods with both tall and fallen trees. Pretty much daily, we drop everything to run watch the deer trot through the woods, across the creek, and in to the field on the backside of our property. The other day, my husband took our three year old son, dog, and … Read More

Why Funerals Are a Good Way to Start a Decade

“How’s that little boy?” he asked as he pointed to the row my mom was sitting on, there in the back of the sanctuary, helping me find my seat. “He’s great. Growing so fast,” I quickly responded as I clutched the program for the first funeral of the decade I would attend. “Good. That’s what we care about,” he said, … Read More

How to Walk Through Uncertain Times More Confidently

Shadows can be daunting. Sometimes they create wild images in our minds to what might be lurking on the path we are to walk or the place we are to settle for a stretch. But other times, they help us see the shape of who is walking beside us a little more clearly as we make our passage through the … Read More

The Best Recipe for Thanksgiving

The Best Recipe For Thanksgiving

If you’re like me, you’ve been thumbing through old cookbooks and searching posts on the internet hunting the perfect recipes for this year’s Thanksgiving Dinner. It’s the star banquet of the year, this meal. We want it to be filled with equal parts tradition and deliciousness. But most of all, we want a recipe for our families that will stir … Read More

Trade the Hustle for the Holy

Trade the Hustle for the Holy

We live in a world that screams, “You’re behind! You should be doing ______! You should have accomplished ______ by now!” How overwhelming. There has to be another approach to living a meaningful life.

How to Fight Fear

I’ve got a four letter word that often tries to mess with my life: fear. Recently, I was thinking about how fear tries to halt me and stunt me from walking in obedience and (in a non-millennial catch phrase way) from living my best life. You see, my best life is one that trades that four letter word for the … Read More

Take Time to Listen

A few weeks ago, at the hilt of the family crisis we’ve been dealing with, I found myself being super irritated, judgey, and impatient in my heart about the clerk at Walmart. I was in a huge rush, trying to pick up some things to help my mom, as well as dinner to take to her at the rehabilitation hospital … Read More

You’re Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Too, Girl.

Rarely do my husband and I sleep in separate rooms. This week, though, he is suffering through a double ear infection and a sinus infection. Our little boy is recovering from a virus as well, so I really am taking measures to give my immune system its best shot so we don’t all fall apart. Even still, sometimes I feel … Read More

How to Make Life Easier for Someone Who is Struggling

When someone comes to a place in life where they realize there is an extremely difficult journey ahead, it can be overwhelming. Maybe it’s the life changing phone call. Or maybe it’s the blip on the screen that isn’t beating. Perhaps it’s the call into the boss’ office that has them calling their spouse in tears and unemployment. Maybe it’s … Read More

Gaining a Beautiful Perspective From Your Storm

The sky was painted with the most gorgeous pinks, oranges, yellows, and blues. I couldn’t resist taking a photograph of how they highlighted the Blue Ridge Mountains. Even my 3 year old piped up from the back seat, “Mom! Take a picture! Take a picture of the sunset!” It was a work of art we didn’t want to forget. “Do … Read More