YUM Nashville Part 1

YUM Bacon and Caviar (B&C) Barbecue http://baconandcaviar.com/ I worked as a Church Administrative Assistant when we lived in Nashville, so I frequently needed to cater one event or another.  Our Worship Pastor recommended B&C to me.  After one bite of their barbecue, I was hooked.  I’m from Western North Carolina and I’m a Barbecue snob.   Don’t ever try to give … Read More

YUM Nashville Part 2

 Music City Flats http://www.musiccityflats.com/ While we lived in Nashville, this restaurant went by a different name: Urban Flats. I’ve been told that it is even better than before, which is hard for me to imagine. I don’t see exactly what we used to order on the menu anymore, probably because of the fact that it was a secret combination of … Read More

YUM Nashville Part 3

  GiGi’s Cupcakes               http://www.gigiscupcakesusa.com/nashvilletennessee  A couple years ago, cupcakes were the biggest fad.   One of the steady businesses that has stood tall in a rocky economy is GiGi’s Cupcakes.   Everyone needs a happy little moment of escape in this world we live in.  Why not escape with a cupcake?  Like a Boston Crème … Read More