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Can we be pen pals? Be the first to know about my forthcoming eBook, keep up with my blog, and other exciting things! I promise I won’t spam you. I don’t even like spam. Yuck. Only the good stuff for you, my friend. Only the good stuff.


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7 Comments on “Subscribe”

  1. Really like your Christian blog….so very refreshing!!! I’m looking forward to following you. Thanks so much.

    1. Thanks so much, Mary! We are so glad you stopped by and for the support. Tell all your friends! We need all the help we can get in order to reach beyond our reach. Have a wonderful day and may God bless you and yours!

    1. Thanks so much, friend! He is so Faithful and I’m just delighted that He uses people…weak as they may be…to reach beyond their reach for the impact of His Kingdom to display His splendor and strength. Keep on reaching beyond your reach too! God is using you mightily!

  2. Simply “Jesus”…..when our lives are on the mountaintops or in the valleys……simply “Jesus” is my everyday prayer….still miss you at church…..

  3. I love the 2017 Fulfilling post! It is always refreshing and inspiring to read how you guys continue to maintain an eternal perspective! Love you lots, friend!

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