The Sights of Asheville

The Biltmore Estate Growing up, it was easy to fantasize about living in a Castle because, well, there was one just down the street.  The Biltmore House is the largest privately owned home in the United States.  Ask any kid in the Asheville area and their dream home is this house belonging to the late George Vanderbilt and family.  Equally … Read More

The Shopping of Asheville

Cherry Street I’ve told you how in love I am with my home town of Black Mountain.  This is the heart of our little town.  Piddle around, go in each shop and you’ll find why this little mountain town is so enchanting.  Crafts, Antiques, Books, an old timey Hardware Store, and so many tasty restaurants are what make this little … Read More

Why Visit Asheville?

I was born and raised in the Asheville area.  Specifically, I’m from a precious little town just outside of Asheville, called Black Mountain. As long as I roam this earth, no matter where I dwell, it will always be home to me.  I’ve travelled the world over and seen gorgeous, wonder-filled sites.  But none take the breath from me like … Read More

The Lodgings of Asheville

Top Recommendations for places to stay The Grove Park Inn This picturesque, Gatsby like hotel is mammoth in size and offers grand accommodations to match the grand view from its windows.   If you can swing it treat yourself to at least one night here. The Inn at Biltmore How convenient is it that there is an Inn on The Biltmore … Read More

The Places of Worship of Asheville

First Baptist Church Swannanoa I’m not going to add my peanut gallery thoughts on any of these great houses of worship except for this one.  This is my home church and I cannot tell you enough how wonderful this body of believers is.  You’ll find solid, Biblical preaching with the full counsel of the Word of God, hearts full of … Read More

The Outskirts of Asheville

Carl Sandburg Home One of the most cherished authors of the 20th century was Carl Sandburg.  Part of his inspiration can be touched in his home, a National Historic Site, sitting just outside of Asheville in Flat Rock, NC.  You’ll see the well of genius he drew from when you visit this serene home in the mountains. Chimney Rock Chimney … Read More

The Tastes of Asheville

(Let’s start in Black Mountain & Swannanoa, ok? These are some of THE best!) My Father’s Pizza I’ll never forget after being away at summer camp or something years and years ago, I came home and my sister told me that Mimi and Granddaddy had taken her to eat at My Father’s Pizza.  I was utterly confused.  “Mary!” I exclaimed, … Read More

Why do Paris in 24 Hours?

I have a condition. It’s called “wanderlust.”  Wanderlust is defined as: “A strong, innate desire to travel or rove about” (  The 17 countries I’ve visited will attest to the fact that this is a drive that cannot be quenched inside of me. Each country that my shoes tread upon beckons me to see and do as much as humanly … Read More

Before You Come

1.     Book your flights.  (Duh). 2.     Book your hotel close to the airport.  We stayed at The Radisson Blu by the Charles De Gaulle Airport  Be sure the hotel you choose has a shuttle to and from the airport. This will save you a lot of money and time.  Contact them ahead to find out the details of how frequently … Read More

When You Arrive

1.     Claim your baggage 2.     Go outside and watch for your shuttle (or find a courtesy or pay phone to call them to let them know you’ve arrived). 3.     If sketchy looking men outside the airport pull up in cars saying they will give you the best tour of Paris, don’t do it.  Ever seen the movie, “Taken” ?! Creeper … Read More