The Shopping of Asheville

Cherry Street

I’ve told you how in love I am with my home town of Black Mountain.  This is the heart of our little town.  Piddle around, go in each shop and you’ll find why this little mountain town is so enchanting.  Crafts, Antiques, Books, an old timey Hardware Store, and so many tasty restaurants are what make this little street such a jewel.  Enjoy a taste of Mainstreet, USA on the Front Porch of Western North Carolina!

Biltmore Village

Feel like shopping somewhere you can have a nice little stroll?  Biltmore Village is one of many areas in the Asheville area where you can do just that.  With independently owned shops and a few nationally recognized stores peppered throughout, you’ll thoroughly enjoy your shopping experience in this little village located just outside The Biltmore Estate’s gates.

The Grove Arcade

A gorgeous gothic building full of shops and restaurants sits in downtown Asheville called, “The Grove Arcade.”  If you can get past staring at the beautiful exterior of the building, you’ll enjoy time well spent inside as you peruse through the various little stores inside.

Mast General Store

Each time I visit the Mast General Store, I feel like I’m stepping back in time to get everything I need for a long pioneer journey out west.  From their durable clothing sections to their sturdy cast iron skillets to their scoop your own candy barrels, you walk away full of the taste of Americana.

Other Great Streets to Visit for Unique Shopping Experiences

Wall Street and Lexington Avenue are two of the most diverse shopping areas you’ll experience in Asheville.  Wall Street’s cobblestone paved throughway is like stepping back in time.  The shops lining the street are unique and delightful.  Lexington Avenue’s shops are on the quirky side.  One of my favorite purchases there in recent years was a beautiful paper star that hangs with a light bulb inside so as to add a little twinkle to the room.  Just meander through downtown Asheville and you’re bound to find something that sparks your interest!




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