When You Arrive

1.     Claim your baggage

2.     Go outside and watch for your shuttle (or find a courtesy or pay phone to call them to let them know you’ve arrived).

3.     If sketchy looking men outside the airport pull up in cars saying they will give you the best tour of Paris, don’t do it.  Ever seen the movie, “Taken” ?! Creeper alert!

4.     Store your bags at your hotel if you have arrived before check in time.  We arrived at our hotel at approximately 7:00AM, so there were no rooms available yet.  They were happy to store our bags in a special area for us.  Use their bathroom at this point too.  It’s going to be difficult to find one that is free and clean while you’re hustling about.

5.     Ask to take the shuttle back to the airport so you can catch the metro train to town.  Get a metro map and plan out your stops accordingly if you haven’t already.  Don’t be afraid to ask for directions.  Just be sure you have your French Pocket Dictionary on you and ask IN French if they speak English.  They’ll be way less insulted that you aren’t fluent in Francais if you approach them that way.


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