Why Visit Asheville?

I was born and raised in the Asheville area.  Specifically, I’m from a precious little town just outside of Asheville, called Black Mountain. As long as I roam this earth, no matter where I dwell, it will always be home to me.  I’ve travelled the world over and seen gorgeous, wonder-filled sites.  But none take the breath from me like my mountains.  I still live in the Blue Ridge Mountains, only in a different state.  Yet, there’s nothing like my mountains in Western North Carolina.  The beauty found there is incomparable.  When people ask me when the best time to visit the Asheville area is, I always start with Fall.  I must admit, I tell them they need to visit in every season because each one holds a unique element of beauty…the cold snaps that usher in Christmas and all the crafts and décor that accompany that Holiday season…the flowers that dress up the landscape as the cold mountain streams trickle down…and the lush, green hills that contrast with the Carolina Blue sky…each season brings such wonder to the beholders’ souls.  The Autumn season in the mountains of Western North Carolina, though, is in a word: magical. Fresh Apple Cider from the Farmer’s Market, crisp mountain air, the ever-changing foliage, the folk art and blue grass strumming in the air…those are some of the enchanting things you’ll find in my mountains. So, come along.  Let’s look at a few of my favorite things.

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