Pilgrim’s Promise

A couple weeks ago, we were in Boston and I saw one of the most incredible sights I’ve ever seen.  It was a line of people waiting in the hot sun for something worthy.  Before I tell you what they were waiting for, let me tell you about some elements of America I fell in love with all over again … Read More

The trite blog I’m avoiding

I’ve been appreciating our fully blooming backyard all week.  It’s intoxicating with sweet fragrances drifting from our wisteria-covered trellis.  The vibrant colors of those purple blooms, pink cherry blossom trees, fuchsia azaleas, red, yellow, and plumb colored tulips create a panorama of delight.  Yet, in the tulip bed, there they are…the dandelions and various accomplices. That’s right, weeds. When I … Read More