Hand-Me-Down Wisdom

I had planned to write a tribute to my Mimi for this week’s post anyway.  As it has turned out, she’s been brought to the forefront of my mind these last few days.  I’m sitting beside her hospital bed here in Virginia.  It’s not where we thought we’d be celebrating her 91st birthday.  We thought we’d be eating roast, mushroom … Read More

Lessons From My Granddaddy Part 2

Thursday, May 24th, marks the 12th year anniversary of my Granddaddy, Dr.T.W. Wilson’s promotion to Heaven. In tribute to him, I wanted to continue last week’s car ride conversation that he and I had just a few months before he died. I had always known that Granddaddy was a man of conviction, who sought to bring glory and honor to … Read More

Lessons From My Granddaddy Part 1

Next Friday, May 24th marks the 12 year anniversary of the home going of my Granddaddy.  Can I tell you a little bit about him?  Oh good, thank you.  I’ve got a two-part series about him, but really could write a whole book about the wisdom he passed down to me. In fact, one has been written already. You should … Read More