A Letter of Purpose To My Son

Manuel Elias Meyer and His Purpose

Written by his Mother, Emily Ann Pereira Meyer

         God knew you before you were even born. He ordered the number of your days. He gave purpose to each one of those days. He made you full of purpose for each one of those days. We knew about you before most parents do, yet we were just as surprised by the news of your arrival. We were told about your departure, which is not something most parents ever hear about their children. It’s not the way things are supposed to be. Children are supposed to live longer than their parents. But still, in what I estimate to be your 40 days or so of life in the home of my womb, your life was given purpose and meaning. What was the purpose of your life?

         You were sent to remind your Daddy and me that God really can perform miracles and we really can receive them. You were a miracle, Manuel Elias. You were our “…But God.” The doctors told us we probably would never have children of our own flesh and blood, But God surprised us, shocked us even, by sending you to prove them wrong and to demonstrate that He alone is the author of life.

Manuel Elias, you were sent as a voice for the unborn, to bring tears for others whose lives have been lost naturally like you were and also for those lives taken by abortion. Your life and the tears that your Mommy and Daddy and so many others have cried for you are a reminder that life begins at conception and is a precious gift from God that should be protected from harm, especially by Mommies and Daddies, even if they’re not ready to have their own lives radically changed by a baby.

Manuel Elias, you were given life for your Mommy’s and Daddy’s prayer lives to be transformed.  They learned to pray for those who cannot pray for themselves, but need it so desperately. Manuel, you taught your mommy that sometimes the most powerful prayer she can pray over any situation is simply, “Jesus.”

Manuel Elias, your days were few but so full of meaning. You reminded your Mommy and Daddy to treasure each moment of life and to live it intentionally for something that lasts beyond time.

Manuel Elias, you rallied the body of Christ to pray, encourage, and love your Mommy and Daddy when their arms were left empty by your absence. You broke down barriers of secret pain and opened up opportunities to learn and grow in all areas.

Manuel Elias, you gave your Mommy and Daddy a new platform for ministering to and fellowshipping with those who are suffering. The way you left this world for Heaven opened up an opportunity to relate to others who have gone through similar loss and to point them to the hope of Jesus.

Manuel Elias, you taught your Mommy and Daddy to trust God, no matter what. You taught us what it means to really say, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.” You taught us that trusting Him is a choice and that it’s not always an easy one, but when we do trust Him, He carries us through the storm.

Manuel Elias, you let your Mommy and Daddy know what it felt like to be a Mommy and Daddy. We wanted that for so long. And even though we’d much rather have you in our arms, we thank God you are under the umbrella of His arms, being embraced by your Grandpa Jerry, Granddaddy Wilson, and so many other loved ones and heroes of the faith. But Manuel, even though we never got to hold you in our arms, we will always hold you in our hearts.  You let made us a Mom and a Dad and nothing can ever change that.  Thank you for being our son.

Manuel Elias, you showed us how to just rely on God the Father for everything to keep us going.  You just hung out in my belly and let God take care of the rest. You didn’t worry about what you were going to eat or how you were going to grow fingers and toes or how you were going to be born.  You just rested in the hands of the Almighty until your days were done. I want to be like you, Manuel. I want to rest in the hands of the Almighty until my days are done and then I want to rest in Him forever, just like you, son.

Manuel Elias, you were given to your family to love.  Your presence was a present. Your soul stirred ours. You were part of your Daddy and part of your Mommy. You were our first child. You were the only thing outside of ourselves that we have ever truly shared.

Manuel Elias, you have made Heaven so much closer and dearer to us.  You have made our hearts long to be united with you in the presence of the God we worship. Manuel Elias, you have reminded us that what is broken on earth with be made new, the way it was intended, in Heaven.

Manuel Elias, the longer I live, the more I will learn about your purpose.  I haven’t lived like you have yet. I look forward to seeing Jesus as He is and to seeing you as He purposed you to be. In the mean time, will you keep on asking God to help mend your Mommy and Daddy’s hearts and keep staying close to Him?

Manuel Elias, I know that God has given you a new name, but the name we know you by brings us such comfort, peace, and hope. Manuel Elias, you are the embodiment of your name to us and the love we have for you is a scar on our hearts bearing witness that “God is with us” and you are with God and that no matter what, “Jehovah is God.

Manuel Elias, you are loved by your Mommy and Daddy, but you know more love than we do yet because you are living in the fullness of joy and perfect love.  Son, when we join you in Heaven, we will love you back with that perfect love. In the mean time, know that we love you with all the love we have.  Thank you for being the child to make us parents. We will never forget you, never get over you, and never replace you. Your life’s purpose has left tiny footprints with a huge impact upon our world.

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  1. Beautifully written Emily. I am so very sorry for your loss. You have honored Manuel Elias and God in sharing your heart. I hold you in my prayers for continued healing. xx

  2. ❤️ Phil 1:6
    I do not have words to make it perfect- and as your dear friend and sister in Christ- I know that He is the Almighty and He never gives a story without tremendous purpose, love, and hope. Stay under His wings and let Him hold you tender and tight. Praying and love you both!

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