Why do Paris in 24 Hours?

I have a condition. It’s called “wanderlust.”  Wanderlust is defined as: “A strong, innate desire to travel or rove about” (dictionary.com).  The 17 countries I’ve visited will attest to the fact that this is a drive that cannot be quenched inside of me. Each country that my shoes tread upon beckons me to see and do as much as humanly … Read More

Before You Come

1.     Book your flights.  (Duh). 2.     Book your hotel close to the airport.  We stayed at The Radisson Blu by the Charles De Gaulle Airport  Be sure the hotel you choose has a shuttle to and from the airport. This will save you a lot of money and time.  Contact them ahead to find out the details of how frequently … Read More

When You Arrive

1.     Claim your baggage 2.     Go outside and watch for your shuttle (or find a courtesy or pay phone to call them to let them know you’ve arrived). 3.     If sketchy looking men outside the airport pull up in cars saying they will give you the best tour of Paris, don’t do it.  Ever seen the movie, “Taken” ?! Creeper … Read More

What To See

This is the order of what we saw in our around Paris in 24 hours tour.  There are still things on my list that I would really like to see, but covering the basics was most important for us on this trip since my husband had never been.  Hopefully we will go back for a little longer of a stay … Read More