Hershey Bar Pie

Who was the cook in your home growing up? For me, it was my mom.  My dad was hardly a cook.  There were 3 things he knew how to make, though: eggs, steak, and Hershey Bar Pie. Growing up, I remember that we used to have men’s dessert contests at our church. My dad was the Pastor, so he was obligated to participate.  Each time, he would make his famous Hershey Bar Pie.  My sister and I (and everyone else in the church, I think!) looked forward to getting a sliver of that pie before the masses pounced on it.  I do believe he won a blue ribbon a time or two, and deservingly so.  But you know what’s funny? This recipe is so so simple. So, here’s my advice: if you have a non-cooker in your family, give them the task of making this pie while you focus on the big stuff.  Good deal, right? Here’s my other piece of advice: if you need a dessert to compliment the meal you bring to someone, this is it. I made this for a lady in my church back in Nashville that had just had a baby and she and her daughter couldn’t stop talking about it. When I gave them the recipe, they made one the very next week!

Hershey Bar Pie

Reach For: 

6 Hershey Bars

2 Containers of Cool Whip

1 Store Bought Chocolate Pie Crust


Melt the Hershey Bars in a Double Boiler. Pour whipped cream and melted Hershey Bars in a glass or metal container, stir until thoroughly mixed and place in pie shell. As an option, you can also use just 1 container of Cool Whip on this step and save the other one to top it along with broken or shaved pieces of Hershey Bars. Freeze for at least an hour. Pull out about 10 minutes before serving.

Yields: 6 servings

Recipe Source: My Daddy

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