It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, I Think I’ll Go Eat Some Worms

 It’s raining today.  The sky is a washed out gray with darker gray clouds whisping along.  It’s a terrible day to be getting a hair cut/style, but I am.  As much as I’ve been looking forward to getting my yearly hair trim, I’d much rather be snuggled up at home hiding from an inevitable bad hair day and the storms that will soon be coming.
     A few weeks ago it was raining as well. That time, I was snuggled up inside.  On the occasion of looking out the window, I noticed nine or ten robin redbreasts having the time of their lives amongst the puddles that were gathering.  As I observed them, I noticed that they were supping on the earthworms that they excavated from the ground.
     I learned a lesson from those robins that day.  More often than not, when the stormy, less than desirable weather of life hits, all we want to do is hole up and hide from it and the rest of the world. Unlike us, though, the robins and other birds come out in joyous delight for it because that’s where their greatest feasts are.
     I’ve experienced my share of sunshine and storms alike in the 28 years I’ve inhabited this globe.  Often, I’ve missed things that could have been rich lessons during the sunny days of my life. But, oh, the feast I have consumed through the stormy days.  When days are dark, the light is so much brighter.  I can tell you from experience that The Light of the World performs a beautiful sort of blinding when you are surrounded by darkness.  It’s a blinding that tells you to fear not, but to be of great cheer because Hope has come to save the day. But you have to be willing to come out of hiding in the midst of dreariness in order to appreciate the true fullness of this illumination.
     There are things that the Light of the World has offered do me during cloudy days which I could have never been obliged to much amidst the cloudless days.  Those things that He has shown me have the opportunity of multiplying themselves to bless others who are experiencing similar storms to the ones He has gotten me through.  Those lessons and connections would have never happened had the rains of life not poured down on my soul.
     My heart has always been fond of robins. As a child, I remember one particularly harsh winter in which quite a few pregnant robin redbreasts froze to death in our front yard. When I made the discovery, I burst into tears. Those robins weren’t equipped for that storm.   I don’t know if they just gave up hope or didn’t even try, but they made no effort to take shelter.
     But not these, robins. No, these robins came as harbingers of spring to delight in their protein packed regale in the middle of a rainstorm and then they went to their place of refuge from the storm.  Such a sight gave my weary soul hope that new life is always available just around the corner and is so much more precious once we’ve tasted and seen that the Lord is good while feasting in the midst of a storm.  The flavor He leaves in our mouths once we’ve tasted His faithfulness and goodness is the most pleasantly sweet taste you could ever imagine.
     Remember, dear one, it is the rain, after all, which causes things to grow.  But take hope, friend, because the sun is equally important to growth.  Sunshine and rain alike, take heed to excavate the banquet which the Light of the World has sent for you to delightfully partake in…because it is delicious and one that will leave the taste of joy (even after sorrow) all the rest of your days.   And don’t forget the blessing of taking refuge in Him.  He’ll protect you through any storm that you encounter.
“Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.” Psalm 34:8

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