Roasted Strawberries in Marshmallow Fluff

When we first got married, my husband and I were given a tent as a wedding gift from my best friend’s family.  We had registered for it, but I never dreamed anyone would actually get it for us.  We were elated when we received it.  My bestie’s mom said, “Well, when I was first married, the only kind of vacations we could afford were camping trips.”  We have used that wonderful gift quite a bit.  We’ve had many a campfire with many a hot dog/ marshmallow roast.  This recipe takes the marshmallow roast to the next level.  Whether you’re in the backyard or the campground, prepare to be amazed.  These taste like a delicacy  you might even find on the streets of Paris.  But in all actuality, it doesn’t get more American than toasted marshmallow on anything.

Roasted Strawberries in Marshmallow Fluff

Reach For:

Fresh Strawberries

Marshmallow Fluff

Wash strawberries and pat dry.  Speer strawberries with roasting sticks. Dip in marshmallow fluff and spread around with a spoon if necessary.  Wave over an open flame until golden brown.  Serve immediately.

As many as you want!

Recipe Source:
Frost Me Blog

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