Snow White Floats

My husband is hilarious! A couple Christmases ago, he got on this roll of creating special holiday ice cream floats.  I’m not really sure what instigated this.  Especially since, baby it was COLD outside! Who thinks of ice cream when it’s cold outside? Don’t normal people revert to hot chocolate and the likes?  Well, we never claimed to be normal.  One night he decided to bust out our awesome Coca-Cola glasses that we scored from Mickey D’s for free with some jumbo meal and go to town with his creations.  He came to me with a glass full of white, foamy delight and said, “I call this a Snow White!” BAM! That was that! These are such a fun, festive treat.  I hope you and yours can enjoy them this Christmas season as well.  Oh…and one more thing.  They are so easy, I’m almost embarrassed to call this a recipe.  But, well, how else would I tell you how to make it? Enjoy!

Snow White Floats

Reach For:


Holiday Peppermint Ice Cream  (a vanilla base ice cream…I used Purity Brand Ice Cream)


Put at least 2 scoops of Holiday Peppermint ice cream in a glass. Pour Sprite over top till foam reaches the top of the glass.  Stick a straw in it and serve right away!

Yields: How ever many scoops and sprites you have available!

Recipe Source: My Hubby!

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