The Royal Spotlight

Your life is one big event full of smaller events.  It falls onto the calendar of history… His Story.  Think of all the events you’ve been to in your lifetime.  Birthday parties, weddings, funerals, concerts, festivals, backyard barbecues, pool parties, garden shows, monster truck rallies, ball games, graduations, retirements… What has made each event, well, event worthy?  The setting? Sometimes.  The food? Often. The date? Occasionally.  The guests? Always.

This past weekend, a Memphis wedding made international headlines.  It was a special day for the bride and groom to be sure.  But the global buzz wasn’t about them at all.   It was about their most esteemed guests, HRH Prince Harry and HRH Prince William.  The brothers hopped the pond to visit the birthplace of Rock and Roll, where their best friend was to wed his bride.  The happy couple had riches, fame, legacies, and stories in their own right, but their nuptials would have never made headlines and drawn out the masses to catch a glimpse if it had not been for their royal guests.

What about the event called your life? Is it making headlines? Why or why not?

Are your headlines due to raucous caucuses motivated by your own ambitions?

Or are the headlines that involve your event penned because of the royal guest you have invited?

I imagine the Memphis bride had an inkling that the Princely brothers might inadvertently take the spotlight from her on her day.  If she wanted it to be a day fully about herself, she would have left them off the guest list to be sure.

Royals never have the spotlight off them.  They are high and lofty folks who have the eyes of the world upon them.  The world watches to see what their next move is.  Sometimes they are moves that prove their humanity.  Other times, they are moves that demonstrate their prowess.

When you invite a royal to your event, you invite the spotlight to be taken off of you and to remain upon them.

We’ve all been given the opportunity to invite a royal to our event called life.  The King of Kings to be precise.  Spotlight’s search for His weaknesses, yet never find them.  They find His ability to relate to mankind, most definitely, because He came as a man to dwell among us.  But the glaring lights of fame in His eyes never detect what accompanies the event of each peasant born human life — flaws.

When the King of Kings is invited to the main event of any breathing individual, the spotlight and fame are shifted from them to Him.  Life is full of many memorable moments, but they are defined and filled with purpose by the highest of Royals.  Stories make the most impactful headlines when He is invited, welcomed, and ushered into the spotlight.  The spectacular tale goes so much deeper and is written with such elegance and profundity because each time the High King of Heaven is welcomed to the event of a lifetime, He brings the signed, sealed, and delivered papers of adoption into His royal family in exchange for an individual’s main event.

My wedding day will always be cherished in the hearts of my husband and myself.  But the bride who wed near the home of the King of Rock and Roll this past weekend will have her day remembered by the masses across the globe for ages to come because of the future king she invited.  She chose a great story for her special event.  Its pomp and circumstance will be remembered by the world not because of her, but because of the royalty she invited.

Who is invited to your main event?  The one that defines you…

Is the occasion of your life filtered by what sort of a show you can put on or by the rays shining upon the most high and esteemed guest you’ve welcomed?

I don’t know about you, but as for me, my idea of an epic event most certainly includes royalty.

When you’ve been grafted into the royal coat of arms belonging to the High King of Heaven, who darkened the door of the Universe to come to your main event, you can’t help but stare, awestruck, into the spotlight that is shining from His presence into your own.

“The LORD has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all.” Psalm 103:19 NIV

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” 1 Peter 2:9 NIV

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