There’s Enough Bacon

As I was cooking some bacon recently, trying to figure out how many pieces everybody would be able to have, a very simple sentence came to the front of my memory. It was my Mama saying, “There’s enough for everyone to have two pieces of bacon.”  Our family had breakfast food most Saturdays for brunch growing up, so this is a sentence I heard quite often.  It’s such a simple statement. But it shows a lot of great care and concern on her part to be sure that everyone had enough.  Enough. That’s beginning to become one of the most meaningful words in the English language to me.  Words like: finished, sufficient, and supply come to my mind when I think of the word, “enough.”

As I was cooking my bacon, the words of 2 Corinthians 12:9 echoed in the corridors of my mind, “But He said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  There’s no telling how many scores of times I have dashed to that familiar passage to help pick my weak self up off the ground.  Each time, though, I am reminded that His grace is sufficient…or in personal language…it is enough.

His grace is enough for whatever circumstances I am facing. Marvelously, like my mother, God looked at humanity with care and concern to be sure that EVERYONE had enough.  Like the plate of scrumptious bacon, though, you have to reach out and grab it to have enough of it. But, there’s enough. It’s available.  It’s right in front of you with its delectable aroma.

God’s “enough” is much better than ours.  Our “enough” limits us to two pieces of bacon at the breakfast table.  His “enough” prepares a banquet where there is an abundance to feast upon all day every day.   It’s not one of those $8.99 all you can eat buffets at the beach either.  This is luxurious stuff we are talking about here. Stuff that normally, we’d never be able to afford on our own.

God’s “enough” offers this beautiful thing called grace to those who have little to no life remaining in them.  I’ll admit, when I’m feeling especially weak, I pray for an extra measure of His grace.  And every time, He gives it to me and shows His power through my weakness.

God’s “enough” came about when the bridegroom travelled to fetch His beloved bride and poured out all of His love, forgiveness, power, and life when He purchased everlasting, abundant grace telling death, “Enough’s enough. It is finished.”   That’s far too expensive a price for us to pay and live to tell about it.  If we were to attempt to pay for that, all we’d get in return would be a bunch of nasty encounters with a slimy, slithering loan shark coming to collect for the debt we owe.  But since the Bridegroom and His Father own the cattle on a thousand hills, He picked up the tab. His resources and sacrifice paid MORE than enough for us to have our name on a place card at the glorious banquet table at the marriage supper of The Lamb.

God’s “enough” shows up every day through His presence in our lives. Whatever a day may bring, if God is in it, there’s enough grace to handle it. And there’s plenty of the Bread of Life and Wine to feast upon when you are in communion with Him.   Living in such communion leads to abundance. The more you swallow of Jesus’ grace, the more amazing it becomes…the more full you become.  One just can’t help but overflow that grace which is consumed and re-birthed over and over again into the world around, causing those who haven’t reached for their plate at the feast of Christ yet to finally see with de-scaled eyes that there really is more than enough to go around.

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