What Facebook Taught Me About My Reach

Since launching the Facebook page for our site, I’ve seen uncanny reminders of why I’m doing this whole blog/website thing.  I know that it is no mistake that God has led me to decide on the name, “Reaching Beyond My Reach”.  I’ve been learning a lot through the recent entry into marketing my platform.  One thing in particular that has proven interesting is that even Mark Zuckerburg’s people understand the importance of a person or platform’s reach.

I’ve never managed a Facebook page for anyone but myself, so this is all very new to me.  I’m constantly learning fresh aspects for the page associated with my new website.  My goal is obviously to expand my audience. My desire is that the message of hope and encouragement founded in truth that God has convicted me to share will go beyond my own borders.

Imagine the elation I felt when I began to see analytics from Facebook which had verbiage that matched the heartbeat of this dream.  6 people “reached.”  49 people “reached.” 1,251 people “reached” between 4/3/13-4/9/13.  3,284 people “reached” between 4/9/13-4/15/13. Wow.  Reaching Beyond My Reach is happening.  All because of God’s faithfulness and because people are not alone.  People are connected to other people.  I can’t reach any of those individuals on my own.  I can only reach them because of the community that God has designed for me to be a part of. It is ever fluid.  It ebbs and flows as people come and go.

Another interesting thing my little eye spied on Facebook was a small button that asked if I wanted to expand my reach.  Of course I do, so I checked it out.  They have some neat ideas, but I’m not ready for some of them yet.

What I am ready for is to encourage YOU to see the little button in your own life that asks if you want to expand your reach.  God has given you something valuable to contribute as you act upon the story He has written for your life.  As our Kenyan friend, Maurice, once said to my husband, “God has given you a task to do that He has not given to anyone else.” That’s a big deal. He’s done that for each of us.  Think of how creative an author He is to come up with a unique roll for each of us that fits perfectly into the intricate story that He has been penning since before creation.

How do you plan on reaching beyond your reach?

Sometimes you may feel lonely in the quest you are on. But, you are not alone.  God is with you and you are connected to other people.

With what message do you hope to reach people beyond your reach?

Facebook has reminded me of another important matter. When I clicked on the button that asked if I wanted to expand my reach, one thing they addressed was that I needed to add a budget.  They said, “A budget is required to run an offer. The amount you pay is based on how many people you want to reach.”

You might want to read that again, “The amount you pay is based on how many people you want to reach.”

How are you budgeting your time, energy, and resources?  What are you offering to those within the sound of your voice and beyond?  What cost (not necessarily monetarily) are you willing to pay to reach as many people possible with your message?

You have a very important message to deliver.  How do I know? Because God has given you a voice.   Whether you speak English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Swahili, or Sign Language, God has given you a voice.

What are you using it for?

My hope is to use my voice to reach people no matter what their native tongue.  I want to reach them with the Word which penned them into a story full of conflict, miracles, and resolution in which they have been cast for the important role of these actions: to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly before God.

Your reach is important.  It’s more important than you realize.  You’re reaching people even when you are not aware.

Don’t waste your reach. Invest in it and let it grow farther than your arms will ever stretch.

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